Layered White Bean, Tuna and Vegetable Dip

Prepared: 9/21/2018  

Not sure when in the 90’s this Gourmet magazine clipping came from but I do remember fixing some kind of version of this recipe about 10 years ago, so I was excited when this one came out of the box.

Here is the recipe as it appears on Epicurious.

I made the recipe but it just wasn’t what I remembered, it needs more tweaking the beans didn’t puree smoothly and I just wasn’t in the mood for cucumbers, and they gave me instant indigestion.

I had prepared this on a Wednesday and had thought to offer it as a surprise snack after the dance class at the studio with red wine and pita chips, but it was a night when everyone was tired, had other plans and wanted to rush right out the door. So me being me, I didn’t even mention that I prepared it and probably just as well as it didn't turn out as hoped.

I think this is a good recipe that needs another chance so I’m putting it back in the box.

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