Roast Farm Chicken

Roast Farm Chicken

Prepared: 9/30/2018 

A 1997 recipe this time from Food & Wine magazine, the Etude Carneros pinot noir suggested as an accompaniment is from 1994 ( this wine is holding up well, but a bottle will set you back about $35, in 2018). 

 Here is the original recipe as it appeared in Food & Wine magazine.

It is a ridiculously complicated recipe for what is essentially roasted chicken and potatoes.

You first roast the potatoes then set them aside until the broiler is heated and then you broil the potatoes. Yes--both methods. These you make ahead and let rest while cooking the chicken.

Using two skillets you cook the chicken on the stove top then transfer to a baking sheet to continue cooking in the oven, at least I assume, I apparently didn’t get the whole recipe as it just ends.

This recipe ridiculously complicates what is actually a very simple dinner and all it takes is one skillet, for everything including the potatoes.

Put everything in one big iron skillet (any stove top to stove safe skillet will do) start on the stove top to get crispy chicken skin and finish it the oven. Never turn the chicken and I would advise flipping the potatoes before you put in oven because I like crispy potatoes. 

1 whole chicken breast, bone in, skin on, cracked open so it lays flat
6-8 small red skin potatoes (halved or quartered, depending on potato size)
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil, of choice, if needed (usually there is enough chicken fat to do the job)

Place the chicken breast skin side down in a hot skillet, wait for some of the chicken fat to render out, then add the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste, as you cook. Once the chicken skin is browned, turn the potatoes, and put the skillet into a preheated 375° oven. Cook until the chicken is just cooked through and the juices run clear.

Try to wait until you sit down to start eating.

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