Ruth Reichl's Favorite Gourmet Magazine Recipes

At the beginning of April Ruth Reichl, famous food writher and the last editor-in-chief of the late great Gourmet magazine listed her 10 favorite recipes from her magazine years for Epicurious and I couldn't click on this link fast enough.

I really hope that as I comb through my massive stacks of clipped recipes from Gourmet magazine that I had the foresight to clip some of Ms. Reichl's favorites.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the recipe for Ian's Meatloaf published in 2008--I might have missed this one as most of my clippings are from the '90's and I am not sure how far into the 2000's my subscription went. For posterity here is how my adventure with this recipe went--a free form meatloaf with bacon and prunes in the mix--how could one not want to try this one. It does not disappoint.

I made the Bacon and Cheddar Toasts published in 2004--I made these as my appetizer contribution to Easter dinner. They were the hit of the entire dinner and here is how my adventures with this recipe went--that little bit of horseradish seals the deal.

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