Shadow Land

My reading arc for 2020 took me from the dark into the shadows. Here are the titles that got me through the gray..

The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova

I have really enjoyed all of Ms. Kostova's books. One of the few modern authors who portrayed a vampire as evil and not a romantic anti-hero in her novel "The Historian". I will happily continue reading whatever she writes next.

The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson

I am came across this book while I was reading The Familiars by Stacey Halls as part of my Bewitching Reads category. The book takes a completely different look at the Pendle Witch Trials-- through the eyes of a different historical character. These books were totally different reads but I will say I did prefer this book.

Crossing To Safety by Wallace Stegner

I don't often read "classics" but when I do I hope to always find gems such as this one. Very readable for a "masterpiece". Wallace Stegner was a contemporary of Avis Devoto and was great friends with her husband. I mention this because I love when my categories and book choices serendipitously collide. At the beginning of 2020 as I finished my reads for the category "To the Letter" I read As Always, Julia which is a collection of letters between Julia Child and Avis Devoto. I highly recommend both of these books for separate reasons.

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