One of my reading projects is known as Book of the Month Club where my goal read a book with that particular month in the title for as long as the books hold out. I have also separated out these reading lists so that they appear as separate months.

Snow In April by Rosamunde Pilcher

Way back in '80's I was a huge fan of Ms. Pilcher but many years of passed since I have read any of her books. I love the Englishness but lately romance has begun to irritate me...I may have to stop reading them altogether. I have these silly notions that sometimes being sensible is the way to go...and what's wrong with finding yourself before you worry about finding a man. But apparently here the heroine must be saved from herself by manly intervention. This was a bit hard to take, Ms. Pilcher, aside.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim


I have wanted to read this for several years now. Glad that I finally have--plan on reading more of her books after this. Light springy and romantic. It was reminiscent of The Durrells of Corfu. If not for COVID I'm sure I would be off to the Mediterranean Sea right now.

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