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I often read books that are health, diet, etc. related--this is a category dedicated to the books I have read along this line.

My Unremarkable Brain by David Moore Robinson

2023 has turned out to be a lot. In times of stress I read a lot BUT I don't retain a has been that kind of a year to put it mildly. And yes, often it has been exactly this type of a year.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy this year, finally after almost 30 years of these episodes, I finally got a diagnosis. If you think being told that "if you have to have epilepsy, this is the type to have" is a comfort--guess again.

I have yet to do a lot of reading on the subject and this is book is my first foray into the reading. It is one person's journey, whose symptoms at least resemble my experience. Not quite but enough to hook me in to reading this book. I was dismayed to find out that he used the ketogenic diet to get his siezures under control. I have tried both keto and paleo--last time I lost about half of my hair--but no real weight. I have sworn off dieting altogether.

For now I will take my medication, and ponder whether I should read the other book I got about epilepsy.

The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Dr. Jason Fung

My mother is prediabetic, has mild neuropathy, and has borderline A1C numbers. This summer she developed yet another infection in one of her toes--she already lost one toe on that foot-now she has lost her big toe and her bunion. I didn't know enough about diabetes to give her answers to her many questions and indeed her symptoms point to something more ominous than slightly high numbers. So I read this excellent book--Dr. Fung is really good at explaining the science behind diabetes and what is actually going on in a diabetic body. It scared me off of SAD (standard American diet) carbs and sugar--I know that much.

Reversing Neuropathy by Dr. Brian Prax

My mother has neuropathy raging through her body. Over the summer of 2021 she developed a series of problems including ANOTHER infection in the foot where she has already had another toe amputated. This surgery involved amputation of her big toe, second toe, and a large bunion. These have been determined to diabetes relatated which was perplexing to me as her blood sugar is under control, her A1C is still borderline acceptable---so I read this book as part of my research.

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