One of my reading projects is known as Book of the Month Club where my goal read a book with that particular month in the title for as long as the books hold out. I have separated out these reading lists so that each month has it's own list.

The Roses of May by Dot Hutchison

This the second book in the author's Collectory Series. It holds remnants and characters from the first book (The Butterfly Garden) and adds a new serial killer to the mix. I am really enjoying this author, reading time well spent. Look forward to my next outing.

May's Danger by A. E. Howe


Larry Macklin #7. Another good outing with Larry and the gang. This case hits close to home as a body is found murdered at the vet clinic where his girlfriend Cara works. The case turns out to be drug related which brings back Larry's old nemesis, DEA agent, Matt Greene. I really like this series and this installment was definitely reading time well spent.

Extraordinary People (Enzo Files #1) by Peter May


I was experiencing difficulty in finding a book I wanted to read that featured "May" in the title and Peter May kept popping up in my various searches. So I figured why not and selected the beginning of the Enzo files simply because my husband has a cat named Enzo. I painted a watercolor of said cat this spring. The book is pretty good am I am planning on reading the second installment of the Enzo files next May.

Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid


The title I picked for my May read as "May" books are difficult to find.

In quantum physics there is a theory that goes like this: Each decision you make springs off into a different dimension resulting in gazillions of different timelines/universes, whatever. In this instance the plot hinges on alternate decisions made by Hannah--does she leave the bar with her old flame, Ethan? OR, does she go home with her best friend Gabby? The chapters ping between the two in concurrent storylines. It was okay, I'm not much on romantic reading. Does one ALWAYS need a man to fix you? No you do not. 

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