The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman

Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking. Sounds like the pessimists dream read. Long story very son had a very bad year...I could not read self help or non fiction or deep fiction. I could only tolerate reading murder mysteries and about serial killers. I powered through this one any way. I have the same problem with this book as I do with most self help books promoting happiness above all other states of mind. This mindset that the human right to happiness is a RIGHT--it says so in the constitution is causing a lot of problems. Happiness is a temporary fleeting moment and clinging to that moment means you might not enjoy the next one. I'm more about equanimity and eudaimonia--the condition that comes from flourishing and living well. Aristotle has a lot to say about this if you would like to read more as I am currently doing. (Yes my son is flourishing and starting a new chapter) So am I back to deeper reads of all sorts.

How To Live A Good Life edited by Massimo Pigliucci, et. al.

The tag line is: A guide to choosing your personal philosophy. Essays from fifteen leading philosphers in their respective philosophy that give the basic tenets as well as how they incorporate the philosophy into their modern lives. A very interesting introduction to a wide range of philosophies. Of course, it is still a little frustrating for me as I have yet to find one that it is a perfect fit. I always seem to like a little of this and little bit of that...

Eastern Philosophy (The Basics) by Victoria S. Harrison

A book that serves as a scholarly overview of the Eastern philosophies. I like that the author starts with the recognition that unlike Western Philosophy (which all seems to root itself in Ancient Greece) philosophy in the East can't be lumped in "eastern". The Eastern philosophies all have very different root sources. While this book is a simple dip of the toe--I walked away with new and greater understanding.

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