"J" is for Judgment by Sue Grafton

2023 has turned out to be a lot. In times of stress I read a lot BUT I don't retain a lot...it has been that kind of a year to put it mildly.

This outing with Kinsey is even longer and with less plot development. I hate to diss authors (and RIP Ms. Grafton) but popular authors often get a lot of leeway with publishers. I mostly skimmed as this book mostly consisted of (2/3) overly verbose description of settings and people which seldom did anything other than add to the word count. Her plots are getting increasingly thin.

And speaking of Judgment--let's talk Kinsey for a moment. Kinsey is the first in line to defend and justify her sketchy behavior, fashion, hair, living, and eating habits but also places herself first in line when it comes to judging other people and places.

"I" is for Innocent by Sue Grafton

2023 has turned out to be a lot. In times of stress I read a lot BUT I don't retain a lot...it has been that kind of a year to put it mildly.

Don't really remember much about this book. One would have hoped that as her books increased in pages they would also increase in plot development. Alas that is not the case, she increasingly fills the pages with useless over description. I have started skimming for the ever briefer passages that actually move the plot.

"H" is for Homicide by Sue Grafton

2023 has turned out to be a lot. In times of stress I read a lot BUT I don't retain a lot...it has been that kind of a year to put it mildly.

I remember almost nothing of this book. At least it was one of her shorter books. It must of been okay as I have continued on through the alphebet.

G Is For Gumshoe by Sue Grafton

My brain is getting better and I remember a lot about this outing with Kinsey. Not everything but more than the last book. She gets her apartment back as it is finally rebuilt after the explosion that mostly gutted it at the conclusion of "E" (I think). She is joined by a new fellow PI/body guard as it turns out that she is on a hit list of a baddie whom she helped put in prison. A favorite plot device of Ms. Grafton ---Kinsey takes what she thinks will an easy case that shortly turns out to be anything but...good quick read I'm looking forward to "H".

F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton

I will admit to the fact that the majority of my reading during the spring of 2023 has been done to escape from the drama and trauma in my personal life and as a result much of my reading has been filtered through a heavy fog. I have no doubt that I enjoyed this outing with Kinsey while I was reading it but looking back over a space of several months since I read this book--I have to be honest and admit that absolutely none of the plot stuck with me. I feel I should read it again.

"E" is for Evidence by Sue Grafton

I'm chugging right along in my quest to read the alphabet and the books are getting longer. Finally got a little more back story involving one of Kinsey's exes. And if you don't like spoilers then stop reading now.

Kinsey get's almost blown up twice. And in thrown away plot devices--her ex husband is gay, incest factors into the mystery, and the perp ends up being a serial killer. No matter the ex hits the road, again and almost everyone else is dead. I guess I like a little more plot development than having random things thrown in at the end as "explanations".

Do I like these books--yes will I keep reading--yes.

"C" is for Corpse by Sue Grafton

A swift little slice of Kinsey Millhone, same quibbles, and the quirk to this mystery is that her client is dead before we even get out of the first couple of chapters.

"D" is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton

Slowly making my way through the alphabet. Each book I come more a part of the Kinsey Millhone fan club. May not always agree with or understand her but I like her and will read on...although my quibbles remain and the books are only getting longer.

B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton

Kinsey is back for book #2. I'm getting into the Kinsey groove. Same quibbles I had with the first book remain a prevalent feature of the second...that being said these are enjoyable quick reads thus far.

A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

Kinsey Millhone is a very quirky independent single woman, who I don't always agree with but...these mysteries are quickly read. I found the early titles a bit thinly constructed and mostly glued together with overly descriptive paragraphs about scenery and what not--that do absolutely nothing to further or give depth to the storyline. However, I think the author is growing into her craft, and these books get better over time. At least that is my hope as each book in the series is longer than the one that precedes it. Wish me luck I hope I make it to the end of the alphabet, even if Ms. Grafton sadly did not.

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