Pisces Rising by Martha C. Lawrence

Once again reading this series out of order, but in my defence the sign Pisces does come after Capricorn. Turns out I am glad for two reasons, without giving any spoilers I'm definitely glad I have a heads up about some the happenings in the previous book. And two it is easy to keep up with the action as her books almost read as stand alone titles. This book makes me regret that I only have three more before I have to say goodby to Elizabeth Chase and that I am going to have to look elsewhere to complete this Zodiac themed category.

The Cold Heart of Capricorn by Martha C. Lawrence

Elizabeth Chase is a reluctant psychic and a private eye. Another quirky single female ala Kinsey Millhone. There are at least four books involving Ms. Chase, all titled with a zodiac sign--but apparently the author stopping writing after 9/11. Here is hoping she sits back down at the typewriter as she is very good at her craft. Because it was January and Capricorn is my sign..I read this book out of order.

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