This category is going to be a challenge of sorts. I want to find book titles that consist of a single word--one for each letter of the alphabet-- (and of course, read them.)

Ruthless by John Rector

Guy sitting in a bar on a rainy night decides to chat up an attractive blonde who sits down next to him--she thinks he is someone else and he plays along--ruthless mayem ensues.

Paradox by Catherine Coulter

This is the first book I can remember reading by Ms. Coulter. It is deep into her series revolving around the FBI agents Sherlock and Savich but surprisingly I was able to jump right in with out missing anything. Nor did author indulge in excessive reiterating. It was a nicely plotted swift paced novel of a skilled author. I look forward to going back to the beginning...lots of prior books. This was reading time well spent.

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