A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs

A real life memoir and as it turns out a prequel to the author's more famous book (Running with Scissors). Dark and haunting. The author re-creates his childhood growing with a sociopathic and cruel father and his mentally unstable mother. Compelling reading.

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April's Desires by A. E. Howe

Larry Macklin #6. Larry's ex partner Pete gets himself in a spot of trouble and the prime suspect in a murder investigation when his daughter's ex boyfriend turns up dead. Mr. Howe doesn't disappoint and this is another entertaining go round with Larry and the gang.

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F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton

I will admit to the fact that the majority of my reading during the spring of 2023 has been done to escape from the drama and trauma in my personal life and as a result much of my reading has been filtered through a heavy fog. I have no doubt that I enjoyed this outing with Kinsey while I was reading it but looking back over a space of several months since I read this book--I have to be honest and admit that absolutely none of the plot stuck with me. I feel I should read it again.

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