We Met In December by Rosie Curtis

What can I say-it was already in my TBR stack-and I needed a book to meet my December reading requirement. This reads like a Hallmark movie set mostly in London and paper thin even by Hallmark movie standards. Not my cup of tea. 


One of my reading projects is known as Book of the Month Club where my goal read a book with that particular month in the title for as long as the books hold out. I have separated out these books so they appear as separate months, it just looks cleaner that way.

Tenth Of December by George Saunders


This is a book that sat on one of my shelves for many years. I needed a book for December so I decided that I would give it a go. Currently I am working a side gig as a nanny and needed something to read during nap times. I had been reading epistolary novels but thought that short stories might work as well to fill this time. 

Full disclosure, I am generally not a fan of the short story genre. This collection did not change my mind--I liked some of the stories and there is no doubt that he is a good author but... most of the stories popped out of nowhere into very dark versions of the world--starting in the middle and randomly ending well before the end of the story. In other words just as I am getting invested in the characters and the premise--the story ends. 

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