Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

The sequel to one of my favorite books (Ready Player One) and while this was a little slower to get into and a little heavy into the "Purple One" I did enjoy it. But like Wade by the end I think I have spent enough time in the Oasis. And yes, my son had to explain the ending to me...

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I did a re-read of this book as my son was finally getting around to reading it himself. Still a good read, even with all the surprises revealed and I needed the refresher as I plan to read Ready Player Two.

The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

A very interesting take on Sci Fi. It was also interesting to read more about the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is a multi book series and I am highly anticipating reading the next. Very inventive and complex world building.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark (One Woman's Search...) by Michelle McNamara

Ms. McNamara became obsessed with trying to find the identity of The Golden State Killer. I became obsessed with the author's back story as it's a little infamous in and of itself. She was the wife of the actor Patton Oswald, became obsessed with true crime starting in her teens with the yet unsolved mystery of the death of a young girl in her childhood neighborhood. She became a true crime journalist and managed the website True Crime Diary. Alas Michelle died suddenly while she was writing this book, it was pieced together by members of her research team and published after her death. And yep I did some googling, accidental overdose (too many pills + a heart condition). She never uncovered the identity of the killer but it is thought that her research kept the case alive. The killer was ultimately traced by DNA evidence thanks to the development of website companies such as Ancestory and 23&Me. He is prison.

Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger

For the most part I enjoyed this book. I think I may have read other books by Lisa Unger in the past but it was years ago. She is a good writer and can pen a face paced multi-faceted thriller with mostly well developed characters. It did keep me reading. However, it did feature a lot of repetitive narrative and a lot of cliche treatment of domestic abuse. The story surrounding Pearl, Selena, and Geneva was good--that was an interesting concept but the Graham story line was pretty cliche and blah blah blah- social media is fake. 

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