The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

A very interesting take on Sci Fi. It was also interesting to read more about the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is a multi book series and I am highly anticipating reading the next. Very inventive and complex world building.

Aquarius Descending by Martha C. Lawrence

If you do not like spoilers of any sort--please do not read any further.

I consider my self lucky to have read this series out of order because at least I wasn't totally blindsided by the ending of this book. It was hard enough to read even knowing what was to come. Good read nontheless.

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The Likeness by Tana French

Truth be told--I had picked up this book to read a couple of times and couldn't get hooked in. Third time must have indeed been the charm. I think going back and giving "In The Woods" a second read really helped. Glad I did as this was a really good read--looking forward to the next Dublin Squad Murder.



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