Murder In The Marais by Cara Black

The first book in the Aimee LeDuc private investigation series. This series involves the investigative team of Aimee and her partner Rene. I started this series because each novel features a different Parisian section. It starts with The Marais or the old "Jewish Quarter". A mix of WWII history and present day (1990's anyway) Parisian mystery, murder, and other adventures. This series gets a beating on GoodReads but so far I like it.

The Silversmith by Jeff Carson (David Wolf #2)

My second outing with David Wolf and I wish I liked it more--I found the story a little convoluted and confusing. I will give this series one more try--because there is much to like about these characters--but if it is another strike then he's out.

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Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor

A very good read but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had read the prior book (Winter Cottage) but that being said it was easy enough to read as a stand alone. It had a lot that I love, a multi generational story that sprang back and forth in time, house restoration, and the epistolatory style (this time in the form of a stash of old hidden letters). If I remember next winter--Winter Cottage here I come.

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