Spring's Promises by A. E. Howe

Larry Macklin #13

I got used to reading about Larry and the gang once a month for the last year. I miss him now that the series continues as a seasonal event--so only four outings this year. Then we move on to the holidays. I really like this series and now Larry and Cara finally get married. Hope they enjoy their honeymoon--and that Larry doesn't get roped into a case.

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Addicted to the Monkey Mind by JF Benoist

Subtitle: Change the programming that sabotages your life

As a person with a very intrusive monkey that uses my brain as its home base, not to mention that it has never had a kind thing to say. I often wonder what I have done to generate such hatred--we live in the same mind wouldn't it be nicer to be friends? Why is necessary to tell me the same old tales of woe? Isn't 20,000 times more than enough?

I am fascinated by the relatively new discovery of the Default Mode Network (DMN) as it is helping me to understand what meditation is working to achieve, as well as some way to relate to notion of a "higher power" as I try to get a grasp on ALANON. I have also spent some time reading about addiction and how it derails the Dopamine (reward) network. So I was hoping this book would help light a candle at both ends so to speak. But, unfortunately,  while the lessons are actually pretty spot on I couldn't past the chatty, self congratulating style of the writing. Look at me, look at me, look at how much I helped these people. 

While I did finish this book--I think it is better for now for me stay away from books that I read in the hopes that I can "fix" my adult child's addiction issues. I need to reconfigure my thoughts about worry and the desire to "fix" things into things that genuinely give a more appropriate form of empathatic support.



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The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

First book I've read by this author, surprising as she has written so many. While this book never quite hit its stride I enjoyed it nevertheless. I look forward to reading more by this author. And this is one of her more quirkier books--according to the author herself.

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