The Fire Dance by Helene Tursten

This is an Inspector Irene Huss investigation novel. Yet another series that I am reading out of order--this time the fault of a friend who supplies me with titles as she reads them--also out of order-when she gets them from her cousin. So far this has not been a problem as the author usually concentrates her writing more on the case rather than family back stories. Rather dark but it is Swedish Noir after all, a good tale. This one also featured a bit more family life and with no spoilers it was nice to finally read about the incident that caused her huband's difficulties and have one of her daughter's in tow for a few scenes.

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The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

This book is subtitled "A journey through the madness industry". It is a series of essays based on interviews with a variety of characters: actual pyschopaths, fake pyschopaths, pyschopath profilers, pyschopath hunters, etc. What exactly is a pyschopath and does he/she live next door?



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