Who Watcheth by Helene Tursten

In my continuation of reading The Irene Huss Investigation series out of order--here is my next one. This one had ties to another of her previous books which thankfully I had already read--not that I remembered much. I remember liking this one as I read it but I don't remember much of the plot at this time, too much time has passed and I have been in a bit of a reading fog.

Murder In Belleville by Cara Black (Aimee Leduc #2)

The second in this series that takes the reader around the neighborhoods of Paris. There are a lot of competing plot lines and this reads more like a thriller than a mystery but I'm liking Aimee Leduc thus far--no matter the opinion of various GoodReads reviewers. I will continue on... although for a girl who claims to be a cyber crime investigator there is no evidence of this to date--these have all involved murder and violence.

Her Last Breath by Dan Padavona (A Wolf Lake Thriller)

I liked this book as I read it--indeed I could hardly put it down. Alas it was read as an escape during foggy times (drama and trauma IRL) so I have very little memory of the plot. I'm definitely going to read the next book and hopefully most of the details of this one will float back into the forefront of my brain.

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