One of my reading projects is known as Book of the Month Club where my goal read a book with that particular month in the title for as long as the books hold out. I have also separated out these reading lists --each month has it's own category.

Mrs. March by Virginia Feito


I wanted to like this book as much as everyone else seems to...but I have never been much of a fan of "fever dream' writing. At the end of the book I was torn between wondering what actually happened and if I even really cared.

MiddleMarch by George Eliot


This is my second reading of Middlemarch, a forever book, that remains on my shelf to be read time and again.

One of my favorite Mr. Brook's quotes: "I went into science a great deal myself at one time; but I saw it wouldn't do. It leads to everything; you can let nothing alone."

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio


I don't read a lot of romance books. They irritate me. One example from this book... Attractive woman (although of course she doesn't believe that she is) flees end of marriage (and her perfectly remodeled NYC townhome) to handsome philandering husband (who of course, has realized his mistake and wants her back by the end) to beautiful idyllic location (of course to the fabulous beach side home where she spent her summers as a tween) only to catch the eye of the handsome single men on the island (not just one or two--but three). Irritation aside it was a quick read and I enjoyed the somewhat farfetched mystery attached.

March's Luck by A. E. Howe


Larry has a new female partner whom he is struggling to work with--mostly he doesn't like her because she's not his previous partner--Pete. Even though she is often right about Larry she is a bit of a ball buster. We also get a more of Larry's back story as one of his ex's rolls into town--she's a bit of a crazy nut job. Once again Larry "solves the case" by being at the right place at the right time. That's the thing about Larry and it certainly doesn't take away from my enjoyment as I fly through this series.

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