Take A Breath

I am a yoga teacher by trade--I teach both regular clients and prenatal clients and I also serve as a birth doula. Pranayama is the Fourth Limb of Yoga--teaching one to harness the breath, it is a complicated practice. I have a lot of reading to do. Hopefully, I also manage to get my breath practice under control. I plan to write an essay on using breath during labor and delivery, to chronicle my own breath journey,  and to share my knowledge as I teach. 

Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama by Robin L. Rothenberg

This is part of my yogic reading journey. It is necessary for me to read this book again and take notes, use the exercises, and practice the breathwork. 

It combines the ancient practice of Pranayama with more modern techniques and gives a readable and understandable look at the Yoga Sutras surrounding the practice. A totally fascinating read.

The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama by Richard Rosen

I read books about Pranayama throughout the whole of 2020 in an attempt to understand breath and breath work through multiple perspectives. This was my selection for mainstream yoga--much easier to understand the Light on Pranayama. It is chock full of useful information and I plan to incorporate a lot this into my teaching practice--especially once mandatory mask wearing is lifted.

I will need to read this again and take notes.

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

I was so delighted that this book was published in 2020--a bright spot in a dark year. The author is a journalist who chronicled his journey to find a solution to his chronic breathing problems. It is well worth the reading time and serves as a snyopsis of all that is out there to read about the art of breathing.

The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You by Patrick McKeown

Authorative reading on the Buteyeko method, which I read to gain more understanding about this method after coming across it in Restoring Prana. 2020 was an eye opening year when it came to my breath and while I have made much progress I still "suck" when it comes to holding my breath out of my body. But I am pleased that I have reversed the direction of my breath and have slowed it down a great bit.

Science of Breath: A Practical Guide by Swami Rama

 Forwards by:  Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., & Alan Hymes, M.D.

A Yogic Book on Pranayama first published in the early 1900's and reprinted with updated science. Am planning on reading again and taking notes.

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