To Your Health

I often read books that are health, diet, etc. related--this is a category dedicated to the books I have read along this line.

The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Dr. Jason Fung

My mother is prediabetic, has mild neuropathy, and has borderline A1C numbers. This summer she developed yet another infection in one of her toes--she already lost one toe on that foot-now she has lost her big toe and her bunion. I didn't know enough about diabetes to give her answers to her many questions and indeed her symptoms point to something more ominous than slightly high numbers. So I read this excellent book--Dr. Fung is really good at explaining the science behind diabetes and what is actually going on in a diabetic body. It scared me off of SAD (standard American diet) carbs and sugar--I know that much.

Reversing Neuropathy by Dr. Brian Prax

My mother has neuropathy raging through her body. Over the summer of 2021 she developed a series of problems including ANOTHER infection in the foot where she has already had another toe amputated. This surgery involved amputation of her big toe, second toe, and a large bunion. These have been determined to diabetes relatated which was perplexing to me as her blood sugar is under control, her A1C is still borderline acceptable---so I read this book as part of my research.

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