November's Past by A. E. Howe


Stumbled across this series while scrolling GoodReads for November titles and I am ever so glad I did. I have become very fond of Larry Macklin and all the rest of the supporting characters, animal and human. I was equally pleased to know that I stumbled on this series late in the game. That while the author started with the month, November, he has already written a tale for each month. Lots of good reading ahead of me...although I just got to it Larry solving the crimes or do they seem to solve themselves....with Larry being at the right place, right time?

November Road by Lou Berney


An interesting book set around the Kennedy assignation and the possible involvement of the Louisiana crime organization. A gangster on the run gets a brief taste of an alternative life. But no worries no cliches here...I particularly liked the portrayal of women as strong players during the progression of this tale. I will definitely be reading more Lou Berney.

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

I liked this book more than I expected too. It is a bit weird and has too much sex (easy to skim over which I did). Clever storytelling but a little far-fetched--suspend your disbelieve and just enjoy.


One of my reading projects is known as Book of the Month Club where my goal read a book with that particular month in the title for as long as the books hold out. I have also separated out these reading lists so that they appear as separate months.

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